Longbridge Financial can assist in making the most of your reverse mortgage to have a more secure financial future. 

We are committed to helping you find the best option, based solely on your needs and financial goals. Explore the possibilities, including how much cash you could get, by contacting me at (360) 359-7776 or via email at


thumbsupHECM Reverse Mortgage

Your HECM reverse mortgage includes a fixed or variable rate of interest. Depending on your financial needs and circumstances, you can choose to receive your money:

  • As an upfront lump sum, often up to 60 percent of the available funds.
  • Dispersed, in the form of recurring installments.
  • When you need it, in a credit line.
  • Borrowers may also choose a mixture of these options, for example, taking an initial lump-sum amount and then having the rest available as a credit line.

thumbsupHECM for Purchase Reverse Mortgage

Do you want to buy a house that will better meet your needs, either now or in the years to come? Longbridge also offers a HECM for Purchase reverse mortgage for those wanting to buy a new home in or near Gig Harbor, WA.


thumbsupPlatinum Reverse Mortgage

If you have a high-value home or condominium, we offer Longbridge Platinum, a non-government insured, proprietary reverse mortgage loan. Like a traditional reverse mortgage, this product is designed for homeowners ages 55+* and over; but Platinum’s program flexibility allows eligible borrowers access to more available funds, lower upfront costs, and a low, fixed rate.

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*Due to state requirements for the states of Louisiana, New Jersey, and Washington all borrowers must be 60 years of age and in North Carolina, Texas, and Utah all borrowers must be 62 years of age.