At Longbridge Financial, we are committed to working with financial advisors and real estate professionals to help senior homeowners enjoy the retirement they dream of. Partnering with us can help you better serve your clientele and expand your business.

We make selling reverse mortgages as easy as possible by offering tools to help you understand what it's like to work with us, so you’ll know exactly what awaits you.

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Financial Services Advisors

As a New Jersey financial professional, you want to offer your clients the best strategy for financial success. This is why it's essential that the intelligent use of home equity is part of a solid retirement plan. A HECM loan, when used strategically as part of a comprehensive retirement strategy, can be a useful and effective tool for your clients age 62+ to increase cash flow, reduce taxes, create an emergency fund, and much more. Call or email me today to discuss how a strategic partnership can help develop your business.

Real Estate Agents

There’s a rapidly expanding market of homebuyers ages 62 and older who would like to downsize, upsize, or right-size into a home that works the best for them in retirement. You can get a competitive edge over other real estate agents in your area by being familiar with "HECM for Purchase" loans. These programs are intended to help homebuyers 62 and above purchase and afford the home they really want in retirement. Call or email me today to learn how a partnership with Longbridge can help develop your business.

Senior Care Professionals

Many professionals working in senior care often see their clients struggle with the bills coming with at home health care. Longbridge Financial has helped many retired seniors leverage their home's equity to help fund home care. By changing part of their home's equity into available funds, many seniors have prevented having their home care services cancelled prematurely or unnecessarily reduced. Others have also chosen to make much needed improvements and upgrades to their house so aging in place is more comfortable. Call or email me today to learn more about how a strategic partnership can help the seniors you care for.

Residential Builders

As a residential builder, you can benefit from customers leveraging a HECM reverse to finance a new home build. The process is simple. Qualifying buyers ages 62 and older will use cash from their HECM loan to put down a bigger payment on a new home build. Their bank will pay the balance to finish the financing. With their down payment coming from the reverse mortgage, which does not require monthly mortgage payments1, home buyers often decide to use their added buying power to purchase a larger house or pay for additional builder upgrades. Contact me today to learn how a partnership with Longbridge can help expand your business.

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